In a really cool turn of events, I just got to shake hands with Steve Ballmer!

Meeting Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO at Stanford University

Even cooler, he is wearing my t-shirt design! Who knew that my fashion sense would be on the body of a dude worth 11 billion dollars?

An adventure in sneaking backstage

After Steve finished his one-hour talk in Memorial Auditorium at Stanford, he went backstage to meet with some reporters and say goodbye to the people who invited him to speak at Stanford.

I wanted to say hi, so I hopped up onto the stage and walked right up to the room he was in. A guard at the door blocked me from entering, and I thought that I wasn’t going to get to say hi.

But, right then, Steve walked through the door – he was right it front of me! So, I just said “Hey Steve. I designed the shirt you’re wearing – can I get a picture?”

Lots of others wanted a pic too, but he left to catch a flight right after take the picture with me.

Steve Ballmer Antic’s

And now, for your amusement, here are some videos of his more popular shenanigans.

The Microsoft Dance

Developers chant

Selling Windows 1.0

Laughing at the iPhone

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