The Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders (ETL) seminar that I attend every week at Stanford is having a T-Shirt contest. This is the rough design that I submitted:

Stanford Entreprenuers T-Shirt

The winner gets to see their design on the class shirt and gets a $50 prize. I’m assuming that students will have to purchase the shirt (unless the sponsor Draper Fisher Jurvetson is really generous and wants to buy shirts for 100+ people, which wouldn’t surprise me).

The idea was inspired by a fellow CS section leader, Aditya Acharya, who used a similar design for the section leader t-shirt contest.

Update: I won the contest!

The ETL coordinators let me know on Wednesday that I won the contest!

They will be printing my shirt design and giving away this shirt for free to all ETL students! (It looks like they have the whole Nike trademark issue sorted out. After all, Stanford has one of the largest Nike sponsorships in the world!)

Here are the final images for the shirt.

Front of shirt

Stanford Entrepreneurs. Just Start Up.

Back of shirt

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders - Back of the T-Shirt

They wanted Adobe Illustrator files of the design, so I had to learn to use Adobe Illustrator, which I’ve never used before. After about an hour, I figured out many of Illustrator’s powerful drawing tools. The most difficult part was drawing the Nike logo. I had to use an example Nike logo which I made slightly transparent so I could trace it. Illustrator’s drawing/tracing tools are tricky at first, but pretty powerful once you get the hang of them.

What do you guys think of the designs? I’m curious for some feedback since I’ve never designed a t-shirt before. Leave me a comment and let me know!

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