Lots has happened since my last blog post. So much has been happening, in fact, that I haven’t had time to update my blog! If you’ve been following my updates on Twitter, then you might have heard that:

  • I finished Spring Quarter Finals at Stanford.
  • I went to Disneyworld with my parents for 5 days (first time I’ve been to the place!).
  • I started research in the Stanford Computer Science department. I’m working in the HCI group.
  • I’ve started running again after taking much of the last year off. It feels great to be back!
  • I signed up for Netflix and have been watching lots of movies and TV shows.
  • I signed up for Linode web hosting and I am in the process of transfering all my websites over to the new server.
  • I set up and secured a vanilla Linux server completely from the command line, which was an awesome learning experience. I will never use CPanel or Plesk again!
  • My MacBook Pro laptop is acting up. The keyboard and trackpad don’t respond and the monitor turns purple at random intervals. You know the saying: “Mac - it just works”.
  • I’ve started playing my Nintendo DS again after over a year of not playing. Professor Layton’s Curious Village is one of the coolest games I’ve ever played.
  • This site, Feross.org, is now PageRank 5, making it my first PageRank 5 website.
  • And lastly, I tweaked the layout of this blog to add some slick CSS effects. Hopefully, you’ve noticed and like the changes!

I’ll will do more in-depth posts about these and more topics soon. Stay tuned and thanks for reading my blog!

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