Ridin' Dirty with Chamillionaire

I just saw Chamillionaire and Quincy Jones III talk about entrepreneurship at Stanford!

Chamillionaire is most famous for his single Ridin' Dirty and the Weird Al parody that followed it. Unfortunately, he didn’t rap for us – instead, he gave us a bit of hustlin advice. Ahhhh YEEEAH…

My favorite part of the event was when Stanford president John Hennessey asked the audience “How can we change the world?” and someone in the audience yelled “By ridin' dirty!” Anonymity for the win.


Here are the most amusing things that Chamillionaire said at the event:

All the other rappers called me a nerd for using the Internet. (on promoting his music online)

I hope that someone in this room wins the Entrepreneurship Innovation Contest …so then I can steal their idea. (Chamillionaire’s idea of motivational advice)

My job was a lot easier before I was a boss. (on becoming a manager)

Why would I want to sell something with my face? I wouldn’t even wear something with my face. (on selling merchandise)

It’s crazy… I’m in the business of making money.

And one from Quincy Jones III:

eHustling is available to everybody (on the power of YouTube as a way to go directly to customers)

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