New projects

Hey everyone. I’m working on a couple of cool new projects that I want to let you know about!

AP Study Notes

I’m planning to completely rehaul my AP notes site,, and rebuild it from the ground up. Right now, it has a bunch of awesome notes for 3 popular AP classes (US history, US government, and English Language/Literature), but it’s still lacking in quite a few areas.

The site is still in development, and I’ve got a lot of work to do on it, but it’s already been extraordinarily popular. Right now, it’s getting 1,200,000 page views and 520,000 unique visitors annually! I haven’t advertised it at all, but the feedback has been overwhelming. I get emails every week from thankful students, and even some from eager students asking why the notes for a particular AP class aren’t posted yet!

My goal was to keep adding new notes (my own or purchased/donated notes from other students), and over time, slowly build up a huge database of quality notes. At some point in this process, I realized that this method simply doesn’t scale very well. There are simply too many classes, too many textbooks, and too many types of notes (outlines, vocabulary, unit summaries, practice quizzes, etc.) for me to create and format all by myself. So, I stopped updating the site for a while.

My goal in re-hauling the site is to allow users to add their own notes to the site, and let the community decide what the good stuff is. My hope is that the good stuff will float to the top.

I have a a bunch of really neat ideas (I think!) that will make this* the best AP notes site on the net*. I don’t want to divulge too much here, but I believe that when it’s finished, it will be an invaluable resource to high school students taking AP classes.

Music site

My second project is still in the planning phase. But, for now, just imagine one website that will satisfy ALL of your musical needs: MP3 downloads, online streaming, concert tickets, music videos, album art, lyrics, music suggestions, and social features. I have a vision for an awesome online music experience, and I can’t wait to start working on this one.

I know that there are plenty of great music sites out there right now, like,,,, Pandora, and others, but I believe that I can build something unique that brings plenty of new ideas to the table. Plus, I think this will be a great way to practice a whole slew of important web dev skills: Javascript, web crawling, data mining, large-scale database management, and more. I can’t wait to see where this idea goes!


I finished the music project, though it turned out quite different than I originally planned!

Blog might not be updated for a while…

I’ll try to keep you guys updated as I work on these projects. If you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s because I’m coding like a madman!

If you have any ideas or suggestions for me, please let me know in the comments! Thanks a ton for your support!

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