This is the iPhone app that Iā€™m working on with my friend John Hiesey. iBoard is a networked drawing app that allows multiple users from around the world to draw together on the same drawing canvas in real-time. Use it to share your ideas ā€“ diagram, brainstorm, sketch, or doodle with your friends from around the world in real-time.

The video is from the final project presentations for the Stanford course CS193P: iPhone Programming. Before our demo, our iPod touch was accidentally disconnected from the server, so it caused a hiccup in our demo ā€“ but we still proved that it works using the iPhone simulators on our Macbook Pros.

Also, the name iBoard is likely to change before we put it on the App Store. Please share your comments and feedback!


Sadly, we never got around to putting this on the App Store, but I hope to release the code eventually.

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