The computer demands a blog

Today, I’m releasing the source code for a couple of my past projects.

The projects

  •, a music playlist sharing service. [github]
  • Fling, a way to send songs, videos, and urls from your phone to your desktop computer by flicking your wrist. [github]

I released the code for these projects a while ago but never posted about it:

Your turn!

Release some of your own code! All the cool kids are doing it. Happy hacking!

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Feross Aboukhadijeh

I'm Feross, an entrepreneur, programmer, open source author, and mad scientist.

I maintain 100+ packages on npm. All my code is freely accessible on GitHub and funded by my supporters. I now offer a support contract for companies and teams.

I build innovative projects like WebTorrent, a streaming torrent client for the web, WebTorrent Desktop, a slick torrent app for Mac/Windows/Linux, and StandardJS, a JavaScript style guide, linter, and automatic code fixer.

I also work on fun projects like BitMidi, a free MIDI file database, Play, a music video app, and Study Notes, a study tool with college essay examples.

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