Hi, I’m Feross and I’m running for the Node Foundation Board of Directors.

Why I’m a good fit:

  • I’m the author of several popular npm packages, including WebTorrent, standard, and simple-peer.
  • I help maintain Browserify, and wrote the buffer package for it.
  • I’m a pragmatist. I care a lot about getting things done.
  • I’ve built companies with Node.js:
    • PeerCDN, sold to Yahoo in 2013.
    • Study Notes, gets 1-2 million page views per month. This is still a solo project.
  • I frequently help at NodeSchool events and co-founded a Stanford chapter.
  • I’m not affiliated with any company, so I’m free to be an independent voice on the board.
  • I’m organizing a fun conference in the Arctic circle :)

Our little community has pioneered so many great ideas in software! Node is fast, lightweight, and elegant. npm is the best package manager ever created. We’ve created so many clever, beautiful, and amazing hacks! 220,000+ experiments and counting…

Some of my favorite innovations include:

  • The small module philosophy – write modules that do one thing well.
  • OPEN Open Source – freely share commit access with people who make significant contributions to a project.
  • Semantic versioning – use version numbers that mean something!
  • Being nice humans – we try hard to create inclusive communities, assume good will, and be good people.
  • The “Why not?” attitude – “Why are we doing this in JavaScript?” “Because we can!”

I care deeply about Node.js remaining the same pioneering and welcoming community that I fell in love with 4 years ago. This is the first programming community where I’ve felt truly at home.

I’ll do my best to keep Node.js awesome. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours humbly,


UPDATE: I will be representing the community on the Node Foundation board for a one-year term! Thanks to those who supported me and all who voted!

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Feross Aboukhadijeh

I'm Feross, an entrepreneur, programmer, open source author, and mad scientist.

I maintain 100+ packages on npm. All my code is freely accessible on GitHub and funded by my supporters. I now offer a support contract for companies and teams.

I build innovative projects like WebTorrent, a streaming torrent client for the web, WebTorrent Desktop, a slick torrent app for Mac/Windows/Linux, and StandardJS, a JavaScript style guide, linter, and automatic code fixer.

I also work on fun projects like BitMidi, a free MIDI file database, Play, a music video app, and Study Notes, a study tool with college essay examples.

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