Nerdcore! Aww yeah!

Nerdcore! Aww yeah!

Last Tuesday, I got to hang out with “the world’s 579th greatest rapper,” MC Frontalot. He is best-known for coining the term nerdcore and basically defining the whole nerdcore hip-hop musical genre. As you can tell by picture above, I dressed appropriately for the occasion. ;-)

When a visiting grad student told me about his plans to host an MC Frontalot concert at Stanford, I was ecstatic! I pledged some money of behalf of my club, the Stanford ACM, to help pay for the concert costs. Nerdcore culture is computer science related, right?

A bunch of other Stanford clubs also made contributions, including the IEEE, GSPB, CCRMA, Audio Engineering Society, and Hip Hop Congress.

MC Frontalot is the nerdcorest of the core. Just a sampling:

We deliver the hits that give the kids with the spectacles spectacular fits! I seen one nerd foam at the mouth in his glee. (It was me, in the mirror, rhyming, brushing my teeth.) And now the heezy we’s off don’t babble 300 baud. I get no error while compiling my rhyme.


Spitting some dope rhymes.

Rapping 1

Rapping 2

The event poster.


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